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Linda Linko

Linda Linko (born in 1979) is a Helsinki-based designer and illustrator, who studied at the Helsinki University of Art and Design (Aalto University) and worked for a number of creative agencies, before establishing her own studio in 2010. Linko’s goal is to narrow the gap between design, illustration and art with her joyful and rough style. Her pieces are completely handmade, and she uses computer programs only at the final stage of her work. 

Linda Linko has designed pieces for the following brands:

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Linko’s client list includes Club Kaiku (FI), Elle Magazine (UK & JP), Ateneum Art Museum (FI), Adidas, Frame Publications, Marimekko, Universal Music and Vanity Fair. She has won The Best of Finnish Advertising and Design competition in the category of Graphic Identity (2008) and Poster Design (2010), and the European Design Awards in the category of Corporate Illustrations (2014).