The Kaiser Idell Luxus table lamp, known also as model 6631, is a Bauhaus icon designed by Christian Dell. First introduced in 1936, the table lamp is just as functional as you would expect from a Bauhaus design – the tiltable base and turnable shade make it perfect for task lighting. However, at the same time, the lamp’s curvy forms and chrome-plated details give the lamp an elegant appearance reflected in the lamps name, Kaiser Idell Luxus.

Kaiser Idell 6631-T Luxus table lamp, white

Fritz Hansen



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Steel, chrome plated brass
Glossy white, steel

Christian Dell

Christian Dell was a German silversmith and designer who became known especially for his lamp designs created for the German company Gebr. Kaiser & Co. In the 1920s, Dell ran the metal workshop at the Bauhaus University, and his designs are, in line with the Bauhaus style, characterised by modern shapes and functionality. After his successful stint as an industrial designer, Dell returned in the late 1940s to his original profession as a silversmith.

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