What Adults Don't Know About Architecture, published by The School of Life, is a guide to the fascinating world of architecture, written especially for kids. Although we are surrounded by buildings everywhere we look, architecture is rarely discussed with children. Now, this little book will help to understand architecture more deeply – in a way that may be useful for adults too! The book answers questions such as what architecture is, how buildings work, what makes a city attractive or a single street appealing, and how to create buildings that will delight and inspire for years to come. 

Children are rarely taught much about architecture, but there are in fact few subjects more important, because the quality of the architecture around us has such an impact on our mood and well-being.

In modern times, we have built a world that is far too often ugly or charmless— and we have done so because only a very few people feel they have the right to comment on what gets built around them. This is a chance for the next generation to develop the tools to talk about architecture with confidence and passion.

What Adults Don't Know About Architecture

The School of Life

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