The New Era Magazine focuses on Nordic art and design. The quarterly publication's first issue (March 2020) features a visit to the home of interior designer Lotta Agaton, among others, and a discussion of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on future design trends. The publication is written in English and has 228 pages in total.

The New Era Magazine is a new and beautifully crafted print publication focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art and craft. In the first issue they visit the homes of a number of nordic creatives such as the celebrated artist Anton Alvarez, the architect Andreas Martin-Löf and interior designer Lotta Agaton.

They portray a modern farm inspired by the sustainable timber dwellings of the Sea Ranch community in San Francisco and a stunning forest retreat built entirely of wood.

After a year coloured by lockdowns and travel restrictions the first issue of TNE also explores design in a time of crisis and trends and tendencies to be expected ahead.

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