Tala's portable The Muse lamp combines the aesthetics of a classic lantern with modern technology. The exclusive range of colours has been selected in a collaboration with colour experts Farrow & Ball, inspired by the grandeur of the British pleasure gardens.

Made of borosilicate glass, aluminium and brass, The Muse is designed to be easily repaired over time. The completely cordless table lamp is well suited for outdoor use providing up to 24 hours of light and a convenient, rotating Dim to Warm dimmer. The versatile and charming design brings a warm atmosphere exactly where you need it – when dining out with friends or enjoying a good book in the corner of the living room.

The Muse portable lamp, Hackles Black


315.00 €


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Brass, powder coated aluminium, borosilicate glass (bulb: borosilicate glass, brass)
Black, brass
Energy label