The Original watering can by Stelton is much more than just a functional watering can. This streamlined, timeless design object, created by Peter Holmblad in 1978, makes watering your houseplants a pure pleasure. And when you are done, you don't have to hide it away – just leave it anywhere and enjoy it as a part of your home decor!

The Original watering can was relaunched in 2020 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Stelton.

Original watering can


189.00 €


Ships next business day


Satinpolished stainless steel

Peter Holmblad

Peter Holmblad (b. 1934) was the Managing Director and owner of Stelton until 2004. Engaged as Export Manager in 1963, he became owner of the company in the late 1970s. The launch of the famous Cylinda Line in 1967 was the result of a close connection between Peter Holmblad and Arne Jacobsen. 

Among other things, Peter Holmblad has designed for Stelton a line of bar products and the well known watering can. His products follow the design principles common to all Stelton products: extreme functionality combined with pure aesthetics of form to create a beautiful object. Today Peter Holmblad is on the board of directors at Stelton and guides the management team for the future to come.

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