Nordic By Nature: Nordic Cuisine and Culinary Excursions is a mouth-watering guidebook to the modern Danish kitchen. The book presents over 70 recipes from well-known Danish chefs who also share stories and tips from their own kitchens. The book is published by Gestalten and it is filled with large, visually appealing photos.

Nordic by Nature presents more than 30 of the most original Danish chefs with their distinctive recipes and provides deep insights into the uniqueness of the contemporary Northern cuisine. In Nordic by Nature, top chefs like Nicolai Nørregaard, Claus Meyer, Rasmus Munk or Kamilla Seidler take the reader on a journey through their creative realms by revealing the secrets of their own kitchen. Far more than just a cook book, this volume includes more than 70 innovative and at times very unusual recipes of chefs coupled with their own personal interpretations of contemporary Danish kitchen. This has been visualized through vibrant imagery of the kitchens, forests, or castle gardens where inspiration is drawn, created and consumed. Nordic by Nature invites you to immerse your senses in the intriguing world of Danish gastronomy by celebrating this contemporary culinary culture: a movement characterized by personal stories and ideologies, foraging trips, and geographical and seasonal limitations and possibilities.

Nordic By Nature: Nordic Cuisine and Culinary Excursions


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