Wästberg is a Swedish lighting brand founded in 2008 with the aim to create well-being through functional, people-oriented lighting. The award-winning family business works with top designers and architects to illuminate homes, offices, hotels and public spaces while respecting the environment, taking advantage of the latest technological innovations and, above all, catering to basic human needs.

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The company's founder, Magnus Wästberg, has said he grew up with lighting: his father had his own lighting company. Before starting his own, Wästberg also worked at his father’s business. When visiting customers, he realized that in addition to measurable properties, lighting should also take into account human nature and the properties that cannot be measured with watts, lumens or kelvins. Thus, Wästberg lamps are designed to appeal to people also through their emotions and primitive needs.

Lighting is often thought of from a very functional perspective: it enables seeing, writing, and working. However, according to Wästberg, this is not enough. In line with the brand’s ideology, lighting should also enhance well-being by providing suitable conditions for social interaction, on the one hand, and for retreating to your personal space to think and nurture creativity on the other. While technology and innovation play an important role in Wästberg's product design, they are not everything; in some situations, old, proven solutions may best solve that particular lighting dilemma. As a lighting manufacturer, Wästberg has a special ability to take into account the different needs of different spaces – as well as the different needs of different people.