Hay's Tray Table – an accidental hit

One of Hay's most popular products, the Tray Table, was born almost accidentally. 

Hay Tray Table
Besides black and white, the Tray Table is available in various colours.

ONE OF HAY'S best-selling products is the simplified Tray Table. The favorite item was born almost accidentally: the tray parts of different colors were first designed to frame the sales counter at Hay House, where they can still be seen. One of Hay’s own designers was wondering if the tray could also be used on top of a coffee table, and they began developing the idea. Hay's co-founder Mette Hay says that at first the Tray Table was considered far too simplistic, but look what happened: the table is one of Hay’s biggest hits.

Hay Tray table
The tray parts of the Tray Table frame the sales counter at Hay House in Copenhagen.

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