Suovilla rug, 170 x 240 cm, white

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The Suovilla rug was designed by Marianne Huotari for the Finnish rug company Finarte. Suovilla is a Finnish word for cottongrass, which covers the vast bog lands of the Finnish Lapland. The rug is hand-knotted from fluffy, semi-worsted New Zealand wool and it also has a touch of Moroccan Berber style. Suovilla is finished with braided ends and it makes a soft and attractive addition to the living room or elsewhere in the house.

Marianne Huotari
Semi-worsted New Zealand wool
170 x 240 cm
White, green
Please notice, that a semi-worsted wool rug might shed loose fibers when new. The shedding should stop in about three months by normal use and vacuuming of the rug.


Marianne Huotari

Marianne Huotari

Marianne Huotari is a Finnish designer who runs her own Studio smoo in Helsinki. Her design combines open-mindedly different materials and shapes, and she has a strong respect for Finnish traditions, natural materials and sustainable design.

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