Bambusa rug, 1916

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Kvadrat’s Bambusa is an elegant and sumptuous rug made of bamboo. Designed by Ulf Moritz and Felix Diener, the tufted rug features around 2 million short bamboo yarns per square meter, which gives it a silky soft texture and a beautiful sheen. Due to its material, Bambusa is antistatic, antibacterial, non-allergenic, highly sound absorbent and helps to regulate the humidity level of the space. What’s more, the rug ages with grace and will develop a unique patina over time. Bambusa is made in Scotland.

Ulf Moritz
100% bamboo viscose
Dark green
140 cm x 200 cm (+/-2%). Pile height 1,2 cm.


Ulf Moritz

Ulf Moritz

Ulf Moritz is a German designer who specializes in textile design and finds his inspiration from both, the functional Bauhaus movement as well as voluptuous luxury. Moritz opened his own studio in Amsterdam in 1970, and has done a long career designing fabrics, rugs, wallpapers, etc. In 2014 Moritz was given the valued British award “Honorary Royal Designer for Industry”.

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