The Laine rug by Sera Helsinki is part of the Saaristo collection designed by Anna Pirkola. Saaristo was inspired by the sea – ever-moving, ever-changing, yet always calming and comforting. Each rug is handcrafted from natural materials and therefore unique, just like every wave breaking on the shore.

The knotted pattern elevates the flatwoven base of the Laine rug, and the asymmetrical edge adds an original twist to the otherwise simple design. The Laine rug comes in several natural colour combinations. A completely knotted version of the rug is also available.

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Sera Helsinki

Laine rug woven, off white




In stock on 8 Nov, 2021Verified


100 % wool
170 x 240 cm, 200 x 300 cm
3 cm
Yarn height
2,5 cm
10 kg, 15 kg
Please note that the rug is handmade, due to which colours and patterns may vary slightly. Size may also vary +- 2 cm.
Care instructions
The wool has not been bleached or coloured so the carpet has its natural grease and is easy to keep clean. When needed, the carpet can be vacuumed, cleaned in snow and beaten. Can be washed with water.

Anna Pirkola

Anna Pirkola is a stylist, blogger and designer from Helsinki, Finland. She has said that the sea is one of the most important sources of inspiration for her work. However, she believes inspiration can come at any time - for example is the shower, when the only sound is the water running. In addition to her own designs, she is also a part of the Our Edition design duo.

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