Finarte’s Dyyni rug, designed by Finnish design duo Saana ja Olli, adds a natural touch to your home decor. Decorated with a beautiful organic wave pattern, the beige-coloured rug is named after the Finnish word for ”dune”, evoking images of sandy beaches and serene desert landscapes. The Dyyni rug is handmade in India from upcycled cotton; the material is derived from cut-offs, scraps and leftovers from the local clothing industry.


Dyyni rug 160 x 230 cm, beige


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100% recycled cotton
Beige, black
230 cm
160 cm
Care instructions
Hand wash or horizontal wash in a professional dry cleaner 30 °C (80F). Machine wash or pressure washer is not allowed. Use mild washing liquid. Do not dissolve the rug in the water. When washing, sweep the rug to the direction of the stripes. Rinse the rug carefully. Do not wrap the rug into a roll, and do not fold. Dry the rug in shade. If hang up, align the rug to the direction of the stripes.

Saana ja Olli

Saana ja Olli is a Finnish textile company that wants to provide their customers high-quality, functional products of timeless design. Sustainability is the cornerstone of their work and that can be seen in Saana ja Olli's design philosophy. The production process is kept transparent and as local as possible. Besides their own Saana ja Olli textile collections, they have also designed for various international clients.

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