Crane cushion cover, green

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The Crane cushion cover is a beautiful addition to Klaus Haapaniemi’s signature collection. Artist and designer Klaus Haapaniemi has collaborated with designer Mia Wallenius to create a unique range of home and fashion textiles. Nature and fairy tales inspires the Klaus Haapaniemi textile range; the patterns follow traditions of decorative arts but are modern in style and execution. The finest natural materials combined with these unique patterns create a truly luxurious collection. The wool yarns have been hand dyed and loomed, the silks and the linen fabrics are hand printed and the collection is completed with modern and polished finishing. The collection is made in a limited quantity and will be updated with new designs yearly.

Klaus Haapaniemi
Klaus Haapaniemi
50 cm x 50 cm
100% linen
Green, mustard yellow, rusty red, blue, black, white