Kartio tumbler 21 cl, sea blue, set of 2

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The popular Kartio pitcher and Kartio tumblers in sea blue colour have now been reintroduced by Iittala. Creating the perfect glass starts with the hand that has to hold it, and with questions about what that hand would prefer to hold. Attempts have been made to copy Franck by applying his rational geometry to new designs. These attempts have failed, because they haven’t taken into account the living spirit and wisdom that are required, to give thought to simple things. Complex is rarely wise, yet it takes bravery and spirit to be simple. Elegant yet durable enough for everyday use, the Kartio range features glasses, carafes and bowls, all of which are available in a variety of colors as well as clear glass.

Kaj Franck
21 cl
Lead-free crystal
Sea blue

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