Aino Aalto tumbler 33 cl, apple green, set of 2

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Challenging habit. Habit should not be confused with conservatism, although they have much in common. Conservatism is a decision not to change; habit is the fading of the known. Aino Aalto fought habit by challenging people to accept radically new lines and forms that still fulfilled the same needs. Her design philosophy clashed with her times, of course. Many wanted to hang on to their traditions. Fortunately, certain people appreciated Aino?s insight and supported her and her colleagues, as they revolutionized Finnish design. Aino Aalto?s bold principles live on in the Aino Aalto glassware collection. Her fresh creations continue to provide simple pleasure to young and old the world over. This contemporary glassware, which today comes in different colors, can be combined with every object that Iittala produces, and sits comfortably in any scenario, from formal dinners to decidedly informal children?s parties.
Aino Aalto
33 cl / 113 mm
Lead-free crystal
Apple green
Dishwasher safe

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