Chamfer serving board, S, crystal

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Chamfer from Menu is a collection of exquisite serving boards made of clear crystal glass and black marble. Norm Architects drew their inspiration for the sculptural objects from the innate human fascination with precious natural materials. The name Chamfer refers to the bevelled edges that are not only beautiful but also functional by making the slabs easy to handle. The Chamfer serving boards are an elegant addition to any table setting and an attractive base for displays.

Norm Architects
2,5 x 10 x 30 cm


Norm Architects

Norm Architects

Norm Architects is a dynamic design duo composed by the Danish architects Kasper Rønn (b. 1976) and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen (b. 1976), both graduates of the Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen. Being true modernists, they believe in design where the focus is in meeting a real need instead of creating one, and this reflects from their work as architects as well as industrial designers.

Though bearing a strong admiration for some of the most pure minimalists, Norm Architects is not easy to categorize. The architects see their work as a part of the Scandinavian modernist tradition – functional, minimal, poetic and timeless – with a profound understanding of natural materials and a special attention to detail. One of their most successful products is the MILK lamp, designed for &Tradition, that combines wood and glass.

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