Teema Tiimi deep plate 20 cm, dotted grey

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Teema Tiimi deep plate is a stylish addition to Iittala’s popular tableware collection. Coloured with a vibrant, dotted duo grey, the plate combines smoothly with other parts and colours of the collection.

Teema Tiimi is Iittala’s tribute to the simple and functional design of the iconic Teema tableware, designed by Kaj Franck in 1952. The name Tiimi (Finnish for ‘team’) refers both to the designers and Franck’s appreciation of teamwork in the creative process – he suggested Teema to be renamed as Tiimi in the 1970’s. The collection was designed by young Asian designers Minjia Wang, Ai Ono, Kyuhyung Cho and Yenwen Cheng in collaboration with Iittala’s design team including Finnish design masters Heikki Orvola and Harri Koskinen.

Dotted grey
20 cm
Care instructions:
Suitable for freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher