Tea maker 1 l, black neopren

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Eva Solo Teamaker allows you to prepare tea in two different ways depending on whether you like tea with or without tannin (A or B). The neoprene cover keeps the tea hot while emphasizing the beautiful, rounded shape of the flask. A) Brewing black tea without tannin as well as green tea, herbal teas and fruit teas: tea leaves are tipped directly into the flask so the tea can infuse optimally. Thanks to the filter, the leaves are then strained off automatically when pouring. B) Tea leaves with tannin are placed in the filter and, once brewed, the plunger is fully pressed down, thereby stopping the brewing process. It is also possible to make half a jug as the filter extends right down to the bottom. The jug features a patented filter system, a drip-free pouring lip and a flip-top lid which opens automatically when pouring.
Eva Solo
Tools Design
1,0 L
Glass, stainless steel and neopren