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Palabox by the Finnish Palaset is a multi-purpose storage drawer designed by Ristomatti Ratia and introduced already in 1972. Made of robust plastic, Palabox can store small items such as pens, paper clips, make-up, jewels, medicines, etc. The versatile and compact Palabox is ideal both at home and in the office. Palaset products are manufactured in Finland.

Ristomatti Ratia
16,5 cm
16,5 cm
16,5 cm


Ristomatti Ratia

Ristomatti Ratia

Ristomatti Ratia (born 1941) is a Finnish designer and son of Armi Ratia, Marimekko’s founder. Ristomatti Ratia has created a wide range of products. Many of these have become familiar classics, such as the popular Marimekko shoulder bag, designed in 1970 for Marimekko, and the Palaset storage line.

For Marimekko he has designed also other classic bags – such as Arkkitehti bag, Matkuri bag and Mini Basic bag – which as the famous shoulder bag are characterized by functionality and style. Interiors are often the starting point for product design. Indeed, Ratia considers interior design to be his own area. From 1998, the design work has been focused under his own Ristomatti Ratia- trademark. Ratia Brand Co. represents the trademark and designs primarily interior decorating products and clothing for various corporate clients. These products reflect the Ratia Lifestyle, which is characterised by good design, an air of freshness and casual elegance.

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