The Around key cabinet, designed and manufactured by Tuulia Penttilä, hides surprising details behind its minimalist cover. The cabinet can be mounted to the wall with a steel mechanism that provides a floating-like finish. The cabinet opens effortlessly with a single touch, revealing 15 hooks for keys that are inspired by wood branches. Made of solid ash, the Around cabinets has a unique grain pattern and individual tone.

Tuulia Penttilä

Around key cabinet, L - for 15 keys


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Ash, white powder coated steel
13,3 cm
10,5 cm
100 cm
Ash, white powder coated steel
3 kg
Care instructions
The outer surfaces of Around-key cabinets are treated with an oil wax mixture and can be cleaned with a towel dampened with water or a soapy water mixture, if necessary. Surfaces should be dried with a towel after cleaning. Often wiping with a damp cloth is enough, avoid unnecessary washing. The outer surfaces of the cabinet can be service waxed if necessary. The inside of the cabinet has a natural wood surface, without surface treatment.

Tuulia Penttilä

Tuulia Penttilä is a Finnish designer and carpenter who has worked in Fiskars, Finland since 1999. Her works have been presented in several international exhibitions and museums in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Besides her collection, she has done projects for architectural firms, public spaces and private clients. Penttilä's creations emphasize minimalism, thoughtful details and natural materials. In addition, ecological thinking, functionality and in-depth knowledge of materials guide her design.

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