Komatsuna, or Japanese Spinach Mustard, is a nutritious and beautiful leaf vegetable that can reach the height of ca 30 centimeters if left to grow. It has probably been cultivated in Japan for ages, and now it’s slowly but firmly taking foothold in the in the Western world as well. The name is said to mean ‘small pine tree greens’. There’s another explanation too: a shogun is said to have visited a temple where a priest served him a delicious veggie with no name. The shogun liked the new green so much that he named it after the river Komatsu running nearby.

It’s easy to agree with the shogun. With its long, bending leaves,  komatsuna looks pretty, especially in its baby stage (don’t they all?). It’s hardy and grows fast. It has a nice texture and a gentle green, fresh flavour with a hint of mustard. Komatsuna is also a good source of calcium. When you start experimenting with komatsuna, you can do whatever takes your fancy. Use it like you would use kale or spinach. Mix a handful of raw baby leaves to salads. The larges leaves can be roughly chopped and wilted on a pan or steamed, added to soups and stews or tossed to pasta. If you stir-fry komatsuna with soy sauce, good oil and garlic, you’ll get a delicious vegetarian meal or a side dish.

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