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The cherry tomato ’Venus' (Solanum lycopersicum) is a variety that grows small, orange fruits. Originating in South America, tomato is said to have been brought to Europe in the late 15th century by Christopher Columbus. At that time, tomato was considered a medicinal plant that was believed to have a positive effect on the love life - tomatoes were originally called ”Apples of Love”. Tomato has been used as a food plant since the 19th century and today it is the most popular vegetable in the world. Like many other varieties of cherry tomatoes, the juicy and tasty Venus make delicious snacks as such or can be added to a salad, pasta or risotto. They are also great grilled, roasted or as a pizza topping! The beautiful orange hue and delicious taste of cherry tomatoes 'Venus' match well with other vegetables as well as meat or fish. As cherry tomatoes need space to grow, Plantui recommends using only three capsules for the larger Smart Garden and one capsule for the smaller one.

Plantui plant capsules are designed to be used with the Smart Garden device. One package includes three capsules and nutrients. Choose your favorites from herbs, salad greens and edible flowers.

Includes three capsules and nutrients.

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