Santa & Cole's Petit Tatu wall lamp is a smaller, wall-mounted version of the Tatu table lamp, which plays an iconic role in the Spanish pop culture of the 1970s. Petit Tatu was introduced in 2019 to commemorate designer André Ricard’s 90th birthday. Embodying a fascinating fusion of object and lamp, Petit Tatu consists of a fixed base as well as an outer section, which can be rotated to suit all your lighting needs. With a name translating to armadillo, the resemblance is uncanny: much like the mammal that can roll up into a ball, the Petit Tatu wall lamp can flex to spread light where you desire.

Spanish designer André Ricard found inspiration for Tatu in the reading light above his head on a long-distance flight: thanks to its concentrated beam, Ricard could continue reading without waking up his sleeping spouse. Petit Tatu is equipped with modern LED technology, allowing you to adjust the width of the beam from narrow to wide.

Santa & Cole

Petit Tatu wall lamp, white



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ABS plastic
15,4 cm
8 cm
10,1 cm
Light source
Integrated 6W LED
Colour temperature
2700 K
Luminous flux
171 lm
40 000 h
IP rating
Protection class
Energy label
A++ - A
0,6 kg
Yes. Suitable for dimming 1-10V. (External dimmer switch 1-10V not included.)
Adjustable height
Yes. Adjustable focal length from 30º to 50º
Hardwired wall mount

André Ricard (born 1929 in Barcelona) is a prolific designer, academic and writer. His impressive career within industrial design has included the likes of tableware, kitchen appliances, and lighting, some of which can now be found in the collections of Barcelona-based design company Santa & Cole.

In addition to his feats in product design and packaging, Ricard is known for designing the Olympic Torch for the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona. Ricard has also acted as President of the NGO Design for the World and received awards such as Spain’s National Design Award.

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