Louis Poulsen’s PH 2/1 limited edition table lamp features an innovative three-shade system developed by Poul Henningsen in the 1920s. The shades of the exclusive lamp are made from mouth-blown Italian glass in a sultry amber shade, providing a calming, glare-free light and bringing timeless elegance to any space. An untreated brass base gives the PH 2/1 table lamp a warm, sophisticated finish that will continue to build up its charismatic look with natural patina. The unique collector's item is perfected with Poul Henningsen’s initials, carved under the bottom shade.

Louis Poulsen

PH 2/1 table lamp, amber, limited edition



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Shades: Mouth-blown amber coloured three layered glass. Glossy on the outside, sandblasted on the inside. Top plate, base and stem: brass, brushed and untreated.
Brass, amber
20 cm
35,5 cm
Bulb base
Light source
3-4 W LED (not included)
IP rating
Protection class
Cable length
280 cm
Cable colour
Cable material
Max. 1,6 kg
Integrated switch
Base diameter 12 cm. Please note that the brass surface is untreated. This means that the surface will change over time and develop a patina. This process may have already begun when the product is delivered.

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) was a famous Danish designer who studied at the Technical School at Frederiksberg, Denmark, from 1911 to 1914, and then at the Technical College in Copenhagen from 1914 to 1917. He started practicing traditional functionalistic architecture, but over the years his professional interests changed to focus mainly on lighting which is what he became famous for.

He also expanded his field of occupation into areas of writing, becoming a journalist and an author. His lifelong collaboration with Louis Poulsen Lighting began in 1925 and lasted until his death. To this day, Louis Poulsen Lighting still benefits from his genius. Poul Henningsen was also the first editor of the company magazine “NYT”. Poul Henningsen’s pioneering work concerning the relations between light structures, shadows, glare, and color reproduction – compared to man’s need for light remains the fondation of the lighting theories still practiced by Louis Poulsen Lighting.

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