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Artemide’s nh1217 is a unique and versatile lamp that can be used as a table lamp or pendant. Featuring a white glass sphere and slim, curved brass ring, the nh1217 can be adjusted to several different positions: the sphere can stand straight above the base, lay sidewards on a table, or hang on a wall or ceiling with the base acting as a hook. nh1217 was designed by the Shanghai-based design office Neri&Hu, who've created a simple and interesting blend of timeless traditions and fresh innovations.

Diffuser 14 cm x 12,7 cm, base 17 cm x 5 cm. Max. extension length 32,2 cm.
Black cord with a light switch
Light source
E14 4W 3000K LED bulb (included)
Blown glass, brushed brass
5 years




Neri&Hu is an inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural architectural and design office founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, based in Shanghai, China, with an additional office in London, UK. Neri&Hu emphasizes the significance of research and context, with an aim to connect its design to both history and experiences as well as the modern urban culture of Shanghai. Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu were inducted into U.S. Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2013 and named as the Designer of The Year 2014 by the Wallpaper magazine.

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