Column table lamp, bronze

4-5 weeks

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Column table lamp by Menu emits a warm, comfortable light with three settings, enabling you to create the perfect mood for any occasion and environment. Column lamp, designed by Norm Architects, is strikingly simple in shape: a thin neck separates the circular shade from the cylindrical stand of the lamp. The stripped-down, geometrical shape of the lamp was inspired by ships’ metal bollards. The cordless Column table lamp is rechargeable via a usb charger.

Norm Architects
Bronze anodised aluminium
12/7 cm
17,5 cm
Light source:
3,2W LED (included, non-replaceable)
Yes (3 steps)
Cordless. Rechargeable via a USB charger. Battery time 9 hours.


Norm Architects

Norm Architects

Norm Architects is a dynamic design duo composed by the Danish architects Kasper Rønn (b. 1976) and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen (b. 1976), both graduates of the Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen. Being true modernists, they believe in design where the focus is in meeting a real need instead of creating one, and this reflects from their work as architects as well as industrial designers.

Though bearing a strong admiration for some of the most pure minimalists, Norm Architects is not easy to categorize. The architects see their work as a part of the Scandinavian modernist tradition – functional, minimal, poetic and timeless – with a profound understanding of natural materials and a special attention to detail. One of their most successful products is the MILK lamp, designed for &Tradition, that combines wood and glass.

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