Bicoca lamp, anthracite

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Marset’s Bicoca is a portable and chargeable table lamp that can easily be moved from place to another. Designed by Christophe Mathieu, Bicoca lamp fills the space with its soft light and joyful spirit. Place it in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, or carry it with you to the terrace, attic, reading nook or any place without electricity. Bicoca measures 22,5 cm in height and has a clean, geometric design with a tiltable lamp shade. Lauched in 2017, Bicoca combines aesthetics of French vintage with modern techniques and materials – the lamp is made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate and equipped with a dimmer and chargeable battery that provides light from 5 up to 20 hours.

Christophe Mathieu
Height 22,5 cm, shade diameter 14 cm, base diameter 6,4 cm
Light source
Build-in 3,2W 2700k 478lm LED SMD unit
Rechargeable battery: 5h in peak power, 10h in half power, 20h in a quarter power. Battery charging time 10h.
Dimmer with 3 positions
Polycarbonate, stainless steel, teflon


Christophe Mathieu

Christophe Mathieu

Christophe Mathieu (b. 1961) was born in Germany, grew up in the Canary Islands, studied interior design in Barcelona and worked as an industrial designer in Milan. Before jumping into the world of design, Mathieu was a professional competitive swimmer. The versatile background is present in Mathieu’s designs as open-minded and energetic attitude and eagerness to try new things. Currently living in Barcelona, Mathieu is one of the veteran designers of the Spanish lighting manufacturer Marset.

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