Spinning BH1 pendant, white

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The Spinning Light BH1 is a pendant lamp designed for &Tradition by the British designer Benjamin Hubert. The spinning-top toy, a childhood favourite, has inspired the joyful form of the Spinning Light along with the process of metal spinning. Here, form truly meets function in an innovative way. It’s sleek, it’s sexy and it’s sure to become a new classic. Benjamin Hubert is always curious to find new solutions and materials. His many times award winning lightning and furniture are material led and process driven, bringing simplicity and functionality in a natural equilibrium. Spinning Light BH1 works well in groups or combined with the wide Spinning Light BH2. You can hang them at different heights, in a row or circle. The lamp is perfect over a dining table. Two or three lamps can provide good lighting over a long table. Different colours can also be combined.

Benjamin Hubert
Diameter 25 cm, height 45 cm
Lacquered aluminium
Light source
E27, max 60 W (light bulb not included)
Type of cable: White PVC cord. Cable length: 3 m. Canopy: Included. Connector block: Included.