VL38 floor lamp LED, black

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Louis Poulsen’s VL38 floor lamp features the same timeless and organic design as the series’ table lamp, designed by architect Vilhelm Lauritzen in 1941 for the Radiohuset building in Copenhagen. The floor lamp consists of a beautiful brass arm and a white rounded shade. The angle of the head can be adjusted with a small hinge, and due to the shade’s white interior the lamp casts a pleasant downward LED light. The VL38 floor lamp is great for any reading nook, and it can also be used for general illumination. What’s more, the minimalist light features a timer function and can be set to turn off in 4 or 8 hours. 

Louis Poulsen
Vilhelm Lauritzen
Base: die cast aluminium. Shade: spun aluminium. Stem: brushed brass.
Black, brushed brass
Shade diameter 13,5 cm
120 cm
Light source:
Fixed 10W LED (included)
Colour temperature:
80 000-100 000 h
IP rating:
Protection class:
Energy label:
A++ - A
Cable length:
400 cm
Cable material:
Floor switch:
Base length 25 cm. The brass is untreated so the surface will change over time and develop a patina.


Vilhelm Lauritzen

Vilhelm Lauritzen

Architect and designer Vilhelm Lauritzen (1894–1984) was one of the most significant Danish architects of his era and a figurehead of Danish functionalism. Lauritzen’s work is still widely visible in various places around Denmark – the Nørrebro Theatre, Copenhagen’s Daells Varehus and the first terminal of Kastrup Airport are great examples of his modernist style. Lauritzen often designed also the furniture and lighting for his buildings, and some of his best-known design pieces are the Radiohuset lamps, designed for Frederiksberg’s radio building and produced by Louis Poulsen. “No life without aesthetics” was Lauritzens firmly held belief, and he considered architecture as a form of applied art. Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter, founded by Lauritzen in 1922, is nowadays one of the most valued architectural offices of Denmark.

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