Pilke 60 pendant, birch

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Pilke pendant lamps were created by the industrial designer Tuukka Halonen for Showroom Finland. Pilke is a Finnish word that means twinkle. Pilke is not just a lamp, it is a true piece of decoration for your home – stylish and quality design made in Finland. Pilke shades are constructed of identical interlocking parts and the repetition of plywood parts in right angle creates a beautiful three dimensional, geometrically decorative light shade. Pilke pendant lamps are entirely made in Finland of birch plywood and assembled by local craftsmen. Pilke lamps come in two sizes, 36 cm and 60 cm diameter, and three different colours – white, black and natural. The pendant lamps are suited for energy saving bulbs only.

Showroom Finland
Tuukka Halonen
Diameter 60 cm, height 29 cm
Birch plywood
Natural birch
Light source