Pilke 18 pendant, birch

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Pilke pendant lamps were created by the industrial designer Tuukka Halonen for Showroom Finland. Pilke is a Finnish word that means twinkle. Pilke is not just a lamp, it is a true piece of decoration for your home – stylish and quality design made in Finland. Pilke shades are constructed of identical interlocking parts and the repetition of plywood parts in right angle creates a beautiful three dimensional, geometrically decorative light shade. Pilke pendant lamps are entirely made in Finland of birch plywood and assembled by local craftsmen. Pilke lamps come in three different colours – white, black and natural.

Showroom Finland
Tuukka Halonen
Birch plywood
Natural birch
Light source
E27, max 60W
Height 24 cm, diameter 18 cm