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Luna pendant light, designed by Alexander Lervik for Design House Stockholm, fills the space with pure, uninterrupted light and magical ambience of the full moon. There are already thousands of sphere-shaped pendants on the market, but Lervik’s ambitious aim was to create an entirely new kind of round pendant lamp. Unlike most pendants, Luna doesn’t have any loose cables or plastic lids – its lamp shade is entirely made of glass, and the hanging suspension mechanism is built into only one cord. The result is a minimalist, functional, and most definitely unique pendant lamp. For more graphic expression, combine Luna with the separately sold Kosmos hanger.

Design House Stockholm
Alexander Lervik
Mouth blown opal glass globe, transparent PVC-cord with steel wire core, acrylic cross
Opal white
16 cm
max 6W
Bulb base:
Light source:
Dimmable LED (not included)
Cable length:
300 cm
Cable material:
Cord with integrated suspension steel wire


Alexander Lervik

Alexander Lervik

Alexander Lervik (b. 1972) is a Swedish designer whose work is characterized by humour, innovation, conceptuality and unruliness. Lervik has studied design at Beckmans College of Design, and he has worked with design over 20 years as a product and furniture designer as well as teacher of design at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. During his career Lervik has collaborated with numerous Swedish and international brands, and currently he runs his own studio at Stockholm’s Södermalm.

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