Levels M lamp, white

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Levels is a metal pendant lamp, made of multiple parts. It can be assembled without tools. Designed by Form Us With Love, Levels stands out with charming characteristics. Made from metal sheets, the shade parts are given a fold at the end to support the structure. This fold enables the different shades to hang from one another. “The Levels lamp is a lightweight, multi sizable pendant lamp that you can pack and stack”, says John Löfgren of Form Us With Love. The lamp comes with a 2 meter fabric cable and is compatible with E27 light bulbs. Levels has won the Form+ 1 award for the new product at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Form Us With Love
Diameter 46 cm, height 28 cm, weight 1,5 kg
Sheet metal
Light source
E27, max 60 W (light bulb not included)