Bumling pendant, small, white

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Ateljé Lyktan’s Bumling pendant light is a Swedish design classic that was first introduced at Gothenburg’s lighting fair in 1968. The first model was green with a diameter of over half a meter. According to a story, it was designer Anders Pehrson’s friend, who named the light Bumling, meaning boulder in Swedish. The pendant became a worldwide success and the small factory in Åhus had to use external manufacturers to meet the growing demand. The simple and timeless design of Bumling makes it a splendid addition also for modern homes.

Ateljé Lyktan
Anders Pehrson
Cord 3 m
Powder coated aluminium
Diameter 400 mm, Height 225 mm
Light source included
Light source:
Socket E27. Recommended light source 7W or 11W low-energy bulb. 7W and 10W LED bulbs may also be used.