Annular pendant, small, mint

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Woud’s minimalist Annular pendant light features a classic cone-shaped shade and an unexpected source of illumination: the lower perimeter of the cone forms a beautiful ring of light. The pendant, designed by MSDS Studio, is made of spun aluminium and comes in soft pastel shades. Annular is an attractive addition above any table and a must-have for those fond of simple geometric forms.

MSDS Studio
Painted spun aluminium
Height 24 cm, diameter 32 cm
Light source:
Built-in, not replaceable 12W 2800K 270lm LED unit, burning time approx. 50 000 hrs.
Fabric covered 3 m cord in matching colour, plastic canopy


MSDS Studio

MSDS Studio

MSDS Studio is a Toronto based design studio that was founded by Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine in 2011. The designers are committed to not only meeting their clients’ needs, but also exploring materials and being resourceful. MSDS Studio has designed several interiors, products and furniture – characterized by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. Their clients include David Design, Shopify, Umbra and Woud.

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