Mökkilä tote bag, blue

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Kauniste’s Mökkilä tote bag features a fun village motif comprising trees and traditional Scandinavian wooden houses, designed by Norwegian illustrator Bjørn Rune Lie. The fabric bag is made from a mix of linen and cotton and measures 38 cm x 43 cm.

Bjørn Rune Lie
38 x 43 cm
55% linen, 45% cotton
White, petrol blue, pink


Bjørn Rune Lie

Bjørn Rune Lie

Norwegian Bjørn Rune Lie (born 1977) is from the coastal town of Bergen. In 2001, Lie graduated from Falmouth College of Art as a graphic designer and now lives in Bristol, England working as a freelancer. Bjørn Rune Lie designs prints, among others, for Finnish interior textiles manufactures. His work strongly reflects the Norwegian nature and the Scandinavian’s cheerful side of life. Merry characters and elaborate details characterize Bjørn’s unusual style.

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