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Kitchen scales

A kitchen scale is a necessary tool for home bakers and coffee enthusiasts alike. Kitchen scales help you to weight the right amount of flour for your favourite bread or measure the coffee beans for a perfect cup of coffee. See our selection of accurate and functional kitchen scales for demanding home chefs.

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Hario Drip Scale

AU$137.0079.90 €79.90 €£76.25$75.6079.90 €$75.60JP¥ 8,133SG$ 107.0079.90 €CHF 73.55$75.60C$108.0064.45 €79.90 €79.90 €79.90 €79.90 €79.90 €79.90 €79.90 €79.90 €¥ 540.00817,00 NOK79.90 €79.90 €$75.60$75.60NZ$154.0079.90 €79.90 €79.90 €64.45 €

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