Titanium knife set, 2 pcs

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Fiskars Titanium knife set, consisting of a 20 cm chef's knife and a paring knife, comprises a revolutionary sharp, ultra-light titanium blade and ergonomic handle with an excellent grip. Fiskars Titanium knives have been made with a unique LZR-EDGE technology where the edge has been reinforced with titanium carbide particles – tests have shown that these knives stay sharp four times longer than regular steel knives. Fiskars Titanium knives are corrosion free and they have received the highest possible grade in the CATRA knife sharpness test. The design of the Titanium range is both functional and timelessly elegant, and the knives serve in home and professional use alike.

Blade: LZR-EDGE-treated titanium. End caps and bolts: stainless steel.
Chef's knife's blade 20 cm, paring knife's blade 10 cm
Care instructions:
Recommended to wash by hand