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Nedre Foss' Bokk is a cast bronze bottle opener that has been hand-carved by designer Sigve Knutson. The mysterious character of Bokk has influences from old Scandinavian design traditions – a mixture of copper and tin, bronze was the first metal alloy to be used in tools and ornamental items already 5000 years ago. Bokk is Norwegian for a type of dark, strong lager beer, and the sculptural bottle opener makes an excellent gift for a beer enthusiast. Its rounded shape fits the hand easily, and its bold aesthetics add a decorative touch on a bar counter or sofa table.

Nedre Foss
Sigve Knutson
Bronze (made from copper with a hint of tin)
6,4 cm
9 cm
0,415 kg
Foot diameter 2,2 cm and 2 cm


 Sigve Knutson

Sigve Knutson

Sigve Knutson (b. 1991) is a Norwegian designer whose work is characterized by craftsmanship, intuition and experimental attitude. Knutson's objects could be defined as studies about humanity: all of his products have been shaped by hand, and the result has always a clear relationship with the human hand and body. Knutson prefers to use old, even ancient materials, and he believes that the primitive methods are his way of searching a connection to the collective past of the humanity. Knutson has studied design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and he holds a Master’s degree in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

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