The Kostea cutlery stand is a handmade ceramic dish for storing and drying cutlery. The unfinished look of the handmade cutlery stand is bold and sincere – perfect for createing an unassuming, laid-back atmosphere in the kitchen. The cutlery stand, designed and handcrafted by by Leena Kouhia, has drainage holes on its bottom and can also be used as a flower pot. Because the Kostea cutlery stand is handmade, each individual stand has a slightly different shape and hue.

Kostea is part of the LOKAL x FDS collection, a collaboration created to spotlight local artisans and designers who perhaps are a little more unknown to the general public. Curated by Lokal Helsinki and Finnish Design Shop, the collection consists of unique, locally-manufactured products made in small-scale production, many even by hand in the designers' own workshops.

Lokal Helsinki

Kostea cutlery stand, grey



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10,3 cm
10,5 cm
Care instructions
Dishwasher safe

Leena Kouhia

Leena Kouhia is a Finnish ceramist who has a background as a freelance visualizer in film and media industry. Among Kouhia’s best-known works is the ceramic collection Raaka Rå from 2014, and she has also contributed to fine art – her art piece 100 seinäruusua (100 wallflowers) is a part of the collections of Finnish State Art Commission and permanently exhibited at the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Leena Kouhia has designed products for Lokal Helsinki, A.S. Helsingö and Gauhar.

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