Gourmet cutting board 44 x 33 cm, natural - black

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Gourmet cutting board by Epicurean features a thicker and heavier design than regular cutting boards. The dual-sided design is complemented by a juice groove and a hole for hanging.

Thanks to their supreme features, Epicurean cutting boards have become favourites among home and professional chefs alike. Originally a manufacturer of skate ramps, Epicurean ended up manufacturing cutting boards after noticing that the wood fibre used in the ramps was perfect for kitchen use as well: the paper composite material is ecological, dishwasher-proof and extremely durable yet gentle to knives. The cutting boards are heat-resistant up to 176 °C and can thus be used as trivets for pots and pans. All the Epicurean cutting boards are manufactured in the US.

Wood fibre
Natural, slate
44 cm
33 cm
Heat resistant up to 176°C
Care instructions:
Dishwasher safe