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Pebble by Normann Copenhagen is collection of stylish utensils and boards for serving cheese. Designed by Simon Legald, the pieces feature a deep black colour and a rounded silhouette depicting smooth stones. The cheese slicer, plane, knife and fork are made of stainless steel with a ceramic coating, and their silicone handles offer a comfortable grip. The elegant Pebble marble boards are perfect for serving delicacies and double as beautiful decorative objects.

Normann Copenhagen
Simon Legald
Length 21,5 cm
Stainless steel with ceramic coating, silicone


Simon Legald

Simon Legald

Simon Legald (born 1986) is a Danish designer. Legald graduated during the summer 2012 and he already has several own designs in production. When asked about his own style and design aesthetics, he describes them as "honest with nordic simplicity".

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