Kaalimetsä oven mitten, white-green-purple

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Marimekko’s Kaalimetsä oven mitten is decorated with a bountiful pattern of different cabbages – Kaalimetsä is Finnish for a cabbage forest. The pattern was designed by Maija Louekari in 2017. The oven mitten is made of padded cotton and suits both right and left-handed home chefs. Finish the style with the other kitchen textiles from Marimekko's Kaalimetsä collection.

Maija Louekari
100% cotton
100% polyester
White, green, purple
31,5 cm
15 cm
Keep away from oven heating elements and open flame. Conforms to BS 6526:1998 standard.
Care instructions:
Machine wash in 60 °C


Maija Louekari

Maija Louekari

Finnish print designer Maija Louekari (b. 1982) is well-known especially for the textile prints designed for Marimekko. Louekari has studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and in 2003 she won a design competition organized jointly by her university and Marimekko. She has worked as a freelance designer for Marimekko ever since.

Louekari finds inspiration for her patterns from everyday life and the small things, people and sounds that surround her. Also different environments from urban metropolises to Finnish forests contribute to her work. Most of Louekari’s large, uniform patterns have been hand-drawn, and she also likes to experiment with different techniques such as paper cutting. Among her most important works are the Siirtolapuutarha and Räsymatto patterns, originally designed for Marimekko's Oiva tableware range in 2009.

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