Babassu apron, blue - black - off white

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The Babassu apron features a beautiful blue leaf motif. The apron is made of heavyweight cotton fabric and has waist straps and a pocket on the front. The size can be adjusted with the neckband’s snap buttons. Finish the look with the Babassu oven mitten and pot holder.

The Babassu pattern, designed by Erja Hirvi in 2017, makes you think of palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze. The motif is made up of leaves of the babassu palm, native to the Amazonian rainforest.

Erja Hirvi
100% cotton
Blue, black, off-white
85 cm
84 cm
Care instructions:
Machine wash in 60°C


Erja Hirvi

Erja Hirvi

Erja Hirvi is a textile designer who has studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Erja Hirvi has worked for Marimekko since 1995, mainly designing printed patterns. Her understated and often playful patterns have appeared on fabrics and other interior decoration products as well as clothing and bags. 

The main source of inspiration for Erja Hirvi is nature as a whole, all that it contains and brings forth. Her most popular designs for Marimekko are perhaps Lumimarja, Keisarinna, Kaakaopuu and Purnukka. Lumimarja is a Finnish word that means snow berry and the fabric features a snow berry tree in the winter. Keisarinna (the Finnish word for Empress) and Kaakaopuu (Finnish for cocoa tree) are nature-themed designs that feature exotic fruit and spectacular flowers, and evoke nostalgic memories of hay fields and hot summers. Purnukka pattern presents a fascinating array of autumn delicacies preserved in jars of various shapes. The harvest in the jars is reflected in the colours of the fabric: shades of beetroot and pickled gherkin, blueberry blue, and tomato red – seasoned with tasty imaginary colours. Erja Hirvi’s most recent design for Marimekko is the expressive Hedelmäpeli (2010), which is an arrangement of sliced dragon fruit.


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