Rotisser NOH frying pan 28 cm

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Hackman Rotisser NOH 28 cm frying pan is ideal for cooking for a larger group of diners.

Rotisser is a series of high-quality cookware from the Finnish brand Hackman. Due to the Hardtec Superior non-stick coating, the pans endure blunt metal cooking utensils and may be washed in a dishwasher. 70 % of Rotisser pans material is recycled and the Energy Base ensures they are energy-efficient. The series is also ovenproof up to 250 °C.

Rotisser NOH is a series of durable and non-overheatable frying pans, which are custom designed for induction hobs. The NOH technology prevents the pans from heating up over 230 °C and cooking oils from catching fire. The series’ innovative qualities offer the pans a longer life span and enable a better frying result.

The Rotisser series has been designed by the internationally renowned design agency Pentagon Design and it is made in Finland.

Pentagon Design
Diameter 28 cm