Andreas Martin-Löf looks into the future backwards

Andreas Martin-Löf, who designed Frama's AML stool carrying his initials, does not forget about the past when creating new items. Read the story

An internationalized teenager – Finnish Design Shop celebrates its 15th anniversary

15 years ago, Finnish Design Shop CEO Teemu Kiiski founded an online store sharing the pieces of Nordic happiness with the world. Read the story

An Artek classic with a new look: The Publics stool is part of Finnish Design Shop's anniversary collection

The Publics stool designed for the interior of the Publics library in Helsinki is part of Finnish Design Shop's 15th anniversary collection. Valerio Di Lucente, the designer of the updated version of the stool, wished to emphasize Alvar Aalto's timeless design and innovative L-leg structure. Read the story

GamFratesi brings two worlds together

Design studio GamFratesi's strength lies in the different backgrounds of its leading characters, Enrico Fratesi and Stine Gam. When designing new products, these opposing forces draw strength from each other, creating a balanced new item. Read the story

Poiat wants to take on the world

Timo Mikkonen and Antti Rouhunkoski design timelessly, but with time. The work of design studio Poiat combines minimalism with rich materials. Read the story

Jo Nagasaka colored Artek classics with his ColoRing technique

Japanese architect and designer, Jo Nagasaka, has used traditional Japanese methods to add new colors to Alvar Aalto's classic furniture. He… Read the story

Nuura's Creative Director Sofie Refer: “We want to create lights that reflect the joy you find in nature”

Lighting company Nuura is a shiny newcomer based on several years of work and decades of experience. We had a chat with Creative Director and co-founder Sofie Refer, who says that every great design wants to convey a message. Read the story

Kvadrat pushes the boundaries of textile design

Kvadrat’s top textiles from rugs to upholstery fabrics are born from micro innovation and the diversity of their designers. Founded in 1968, the Danish company finds inspiration in design and contemporary art. Read the story

The Botanic Shelf provides an adaptable place for green plants

Riikka Kantinkoski and Pinja Rouger designed The Botanic Shelf to meet their own needs. They view this as the reason for the straightforward design process: the commissioner of the project is always present when you design for yourself. Read the story

Mika Tolvanen: “The Visu chair taught me the importance and difficulty of keeping it simple”

Mika Tolvanen, who designed the Visu chair collection for Muuto, aims to create objects that are playful but not boisterous. We interviewed this award-winning Finnish designer about the birth and future of the Visu collection. Read the story