The Kent CC20 clothes brush is designed for cleaning thick wool coats, denim and other durable textiles. It gently yet effectively removes dust, lint or hair from clothes, and also works for removing dried stains from textiles, thus extending their washing interval. The short bristles of the double-sided clothes brush are optimized for loose lint and stains, while the longer ones are best suited for removing dust.

The Kent CC20 clothes brush is made in the UK from natural bristles and cherry wood. Its first-class quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer's logo printed on the wooden handle – Kent is also known as the official brush supplier to the British Royal Family. The brush should be maintained and cleaned regularly with a brush cleaning comb; proper care will make it last for decades, from one generation to another.

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Kent CC20 clothes brush


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Cherrywood, natural bristle
Natural, black
27 cm
5,5 cm
Care instructions
The brush should be cleaned regularly with a brush cleaning comb.


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