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Well-chosen detergents leave the surfaces of your home shiny and give your laundry a fresh scent. When the detergent is gentle enough, also your hands are left with a clean and soft feeling. You can also take a look at our selection of soaps for the kitchen and the bathroom. Clean your home with a touch of design!

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Savon du Chef odour remover

AU$29.0017.00 €17.00 €£16.25$16.1017.00 €$16.10JP¥ 1,730SG$ 22.6517.00 €CHF 15.65$16.10C$22.8513.75 €17.00 €17.00 €17.00 €17.00 €17.00 €17.00 €17.00 €17.00 €¥ 115.00174,00 NOK17.00 €17.00 €$16.10$16.10NZ$32.7017.00 €17.00 €17.00 €13.75 €

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