An open hideaway in Karjalohja

A black-sided smoke sauna was extended with a holiday house that is transparent, like a greenhouse. The complex designed by the architectural office Mattila & Merz blends in with the surrounding nature. Read the story

A wooden house in Kumpula was decorated with striking colors

Moss green, powder rose, bright red and lime green sound like an odd combination. Johanna and Tero have a special ability to make the colors fit their cozy wooden house. Read the story

Miia and Willem’s home is one of a kind

A row house built in the late 1940s in Herttoniemi, Helsinki includes a home whose residents shun conventional solutions. Read the story

A lengthy renovation prioritized things: “We appreciate our home much more now”

The adversities during the renovation had their purpose. Vuokko and Lauri, who live in the Töölö district of Helsinki, can appreciate their home in a new way, and decorate without pressure. Read the story

The home of ten smart ideas

On the edge of a field in Masku stands a handsome detached house with roomy and functional spaces. Interior designer Elina Tommila shares the best ideas she has implemented in their home. Read the story

Home next to Vasastan

Finding a home in Stockholm is not always easy. Sometimes it takes pure coincidence to make wishes come true. Read the story

1960s rowhouse with charming small eccentricities

There are homes where people live for a long time. Despite eccentricities – or perhaps because of them – they have a pleasant atmosphere. Read the story

The limitless joy of prints and colors

Klaus Haapaniemi and Mia Wallenius’ home in Victoria Park, East London is a testing platform for Haapaniemi’s enchanting animal and nature-themed products. The interior design of their home proves that richness of prints and colors can be harmonious and controlled. Read the story

Olli-Pekka favors classics and vintage: “I do not want disposable things in my home”

Olli-Pekka Koljonen's relaxed home hosts life, art, design and a dog. A dreary flat was reborn as a genuine, crisp gem. Read the story

Jutta and Jani renovated a wooden house from the 1920s: “Here, space has become a new kind of luxury”

Renovating a wooden house in poor condition proved a challenge, but in the end, it was worth it. The move from a loft apartment to the wooden house of their dreams in Turku brought more than a hundred square meters more space. Read the story